Thursday, 10 September 2009

Want to Join? Apply here!

There's only 3 requirements to be a member of this splendid team.

1. You must have an Etsy shop

2. You must be from the UK: England, Scotland or Wales

3. Your shop must be Kawaii!! Kawaii means Cute in Japanese and the word is used to describe a certain style of jewellery, clothes, crafts etc. Your shop however, can sell items of any kind: Jewellery, Clothes, Plushies, Amigurumi, Deco-den, Supplies, Art etc.

If you don't know if your shop is Kawaii or not, does it have any of the following...

  • Bright, girly or candy colours
  • Cute smiley faces on just about anything
  • Food items, especially cupcakes and fruit! (these may feature the cute smiley faces we just talked about)
  • Cute characters (e.g. Hello Kitty, Disney, Studio Ghibli i.e. Totoro etc)
  • Hearts, Bows, Clouds, Flowers, Mushrooms
  • Glitter, Ribbon, Pearls, Buttons

If this sounds familiar, and you're interested in becoming a member post your...

  • Name
  • Shop Name
  • Shop URL
  • Email address

either as a reply to this post, mailto: or send a convo to


  1. "Cute characters (e.g. Hello Kitty, Disney, Studio Ghibli i.e. Totoro etc)"

    Just a quick mention, copyrighted things like those aren't allowed to be sold on Etsy so be careful if you do! =)

  2. That's weird cos i see absolutely tons of hello kitty jewellery! I'll leave it on because i think fabric with a Hello Kitty print on can be repurposed and sold legally :)

  3. Hi, I'm Sarah ☆彡

    I lived in Japan for 3 years and became totally obsessed with everything kawaii!


    My etsy shop is kawaii- sugarplumfairyland
    I know my email adress says i'm a monster but i'm only a little monster- can i join your group PWEASE!