Sunday, 17 January 2010

Happy New Year!

Hello everyone! Hope you had a wonderful christmas and new year! After i return from my boyfriend's on tuesday i will set about FINALLY arranging a chatroom meet. Oooh exciting!

Which reminds me, go check out our lovely new member who i need to add to our member list (don't let me forget!)

Oh and can i ask a big favour? Can you please follow my Wuvvlepop blog? It's just i've started updating regularly but i'm very aware that i have no followers so i'm pretty much talking to myself :D When i get lots of members i'm going to start hosting giveaways and the like, so there are perks ;) thank you ma lovelies! If you want your own blog followed please post a link in the replies so we can all have a see!

Much love, Kayleigh x


  1. Sure thing!! Great banner & layoutby the way ^-^

    Here's mine:
    It's still quite basic but I've just added a giftwrap tutorial : )

  2. I'm following u! love your blog, and that tutorial is awesome. I'm saving up for a sewing machine, i'm so poor :(